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Sistem Kebajikan Negara (SKN) | National Welfare System

The National Welfare System or SKN is for those who wish to apply for the monthly welfare assistance or BKB. The system is administered by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and Brunei Islamic

The online application is open to citizens and residents in the country who wish to apply for BKB scheme under JAPEM or MUIB.


Jabatan Pembangunan Masyarakat (JAPEM) | Community Development Department

Manages the provision of welfare to the disabled, the needy and orphans in Brunei Darussalam under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Acts and Legal Provisions
Old Age and Disability Pensions Act 1954 [Controller of Pensions - National Pensions]
Women and Girls Protection Act 1972 [Commissioner]
Adopted Children Registration Act 1962
Adoption of Children in Islam Order 2001
Registration of Adopted Children (Amendment) Order 2001
Islamic Family Law 1999
Married Women Order 1999
Status Validity Order 2001
Children and Young Persons Act 2006
Offenders (Probation and Community Service) Order 2006
Child Care Centers Order 2006
Islamic Family Law (Amendment) Order, 2010
Married Women (Amendment) Act Order, 2010

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Pusat Bahagia

Provide guidance programs and basic skills training for 5 categories of PWDs (Intellectual, Visual, Hearing, Limb and multiple disabilities).